Scapa! (Symphonic Band) by John Richard Durant

"Scapa!" is a symphonic work by John Richard Durant commemorating the heroism of those who served in the Arctic Convoys of WWII.


Scored originally for Full Orchestra, it was written to increase awareness of the remarkable journey undertaken by the Allied Navies, and the Royal and Merchant Navy between Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands and Russia.


The music invokes images of ships nestling in the relative safety of the waters around Scapa Flow in the Orkneys, sailing in convoy across the Arctic Ocean to Russia, protected precariously by Destroyers on repeated voyages day and night to keep vital supply lines open, under constant threat and menace from U-boats lurking unseen beneath the dark waves, ready to strike at anytime.


This setting for Symphonic Band by the composer is dedicated to the Bands of The Royal Marines in which the composer spent in his early formative years as a professional musician.

Scapa! (Symphonic Band) by John Richard Durant

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