Alameda (Symphonic Band) by John Richard Durant

"Alameda" is a real "feel-good" piece mirroring perfectly the vibrant atmosphere of the Alameda de Hercules in Seville.


Programme Notes:


Two Roman columns guard the entrance to the Alameda de Hercules in the historic city of Seville. Mounted on the top of one is a statue of Hercules - the mythological founder of Seville - and on the other, Julius Caesar – the Emperor commonly thought to be the restorer of the city during Roman times.


In a similar vein to that of Soho in London and Montmartre in Paris, Seville’s Alameda de Hercules is renowned throughout Spain for its vibrant and diverse atmosphere and as a centre for nightlife. In this most bohemian of districts, artists, poets, dancers, actors and musicians abound and here it is possible to hear some of the best Flamenco, Jazz, Rock, and Latin music. Its relaxed charm is highly popular with the locals and a huge draw for tourists.


The music starts sedately at the Pillars of Hercules with an atmospheric introduction hinting at the area’s long history, before "Alameda" abruptly changes pace and bursts into the present day by taking the listener on a whistle-stop tour of the cafes, bars and nightclubs of the avenue. Elements of Flamenco and Latin-American music combine to create a rich tapestry of musical styles that represent and celebrate the diversity and cultural differences that co-exist and thrive within this highly popular area of Seville.


Alameda (Symphonic Band) by John Richard Durant

Tuotenumero: KMP055
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